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  1. Thank you guys for the information. Which reference books should I buy?
  2. Thank you Kelly I will take a look have a nice weekend. andy
  3. Hello everybody. My name is Andy. I have been a long time Japanese military firearms collector of all types of Japanese Firearms. Mainly World War II machine guns. I always wanted to samurai sword but never got around to picking one up to add into the collection. Well I finally bought a papered sword three months ago, Supposedly from 1506. And I have since bought two more. One which I will post the Tang for translation on the site which was advertised as from 1375. And a third which I just purchased tonight. The last sword definitely needs polishing. From what I can tell I do not see any flaws or nicks to the blade. The one from 1375 was polished and I do not have it yet but I believe it could used to be re-polished. I'll know more in a have it my hands. Whether I like it as is or not? So my question to all you guys out here is who is a real good Japanese sword polisher? What would I need to do in order to send a blade to Japan for polishing? How long would it take for a Japanese polisher turnaround time? If sending the blade to Japan is a hassle? What polishers do you recommend here in the US? I am open to hearing your thoughts on who may be the right man for the job or who may not? any and all input is appreciated. One last thing. As I tell newbies when collecting firearms the first thousand dollars you should spend is on reference material. I know I did not do that here with these swords . So what books do you recommend? I was told of a book I forget the name a few years ago and is supposedly out of print in costs around $500 thank you again andy 440-525-4689
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