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  1. Hi b. Hennick, thanks for the reply. It is only for display. Either wakizashi or katana koshirae. My idea was to complete some with spare tsubas that I have. I received several ones from my family and I ran out of boxes to stocks them properly. So I thought that maybe it was a nice opportunity to mount them on a koshirae. But perhaps any other display option would be better ( as anyone as an idea/advice about that? ) When it come to the price, definitely less than one thousand
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for a koshirae. I am not looking for a specific type, and my budget depends on the offers. I am located in Europe. Thanks, M. Lesueur
  3. thanks to all for replying , but don't you think that the shape of the hitsu ana is a little bit strange ? could it be something else than the higo influence ? M.lesueur
  4. hi all, i just recive this tsuba from one of my friend , i can not found any information about it.. somebody can help me ? m.lesueur
  5. hi everybody ! this is my first post on this site ! i want to buy a gunto but i am a bit suspicious about the seller ... this is on the french site "le bon coin" . this is his kai gunto , what made me think it's a fake is the tsuba pattern... does personalised one exist ? http://www.leboncoin.fr/collection/6529 ... tm?ca=19_s and next , there is this one http://www.leboncoin.fr/collection/6556 ... tm?ca=19_s there is not that much picture of it but the quality of the sageo made me think it is pretty recent ... can you help me with my dilema ? anyway , sorry if i made some grammar mistake , english is not my native language... marc lesueur
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