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  1. There will be many here who are much more experienced in the nuances of what determines market price.


    In my understanding these would be the key variables (one may outweigh another depending on sword)


    Age of blade - koto>Shinto>shinshinto 

    Popularity of school/maker (there is a heirarchy)

    Condition/attributes of blade - ubu, suriage, signed, nengo, cutting test, polish

    Papers attained (Juyo + will generally not go below a certain price as stated above)

    Provenance (daimyo owned etc)


    As to how important each variable is in relation to each other is where nuance and experience comes in

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  2. Hi Brian,


    The only similar smith I found that worked from Echizen was an early signature of a Shimosaka smith- Sadatsugu, but he signed with a different Sada (貞道)





  3. looks absolutely pristine for a Ko Bizen. Could it be shinshinto Bizen instead of Ko Bizen? There was a Bizen Yokoyama school Sukekane...

    Just a thought, attractive blade nonetheless

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    Bizen Osafune Norimitsu


    Made in 9th year of Bunmei,this smith Goro Saemon (no) Jo was 72 years old at that time. This smith as well as Sukemitsu were active during the transition period from Oei Bizen to Sue Bizen.



    This sword is a relatively short in length uchigatana, with a refined itame-mokume mixed hada, calm chu-suguha yakiba and close sugu-utsuri which stands out. This is an excellent work which demonstrates one of the workmanship styles of this smith


    Hope that helps


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