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  1. Hi All Looking for a guess on age of this item. I'm guessing modern Thanks Josh
  2. Greetings Nihonto koza shinshinto volume $210 Plus shipping and PayPal fees Thanks Josh
  3. Hi all seeking an ishido school sword please Pm thanks Josh
  4. Hi all Anyone know where the login link is for Ginza web magazine ? I paid got an id but I can't find a place to login.
  5. seppuku


    Thank you for the fast replies, and advice. I do not think i will be buying modern netsuke do to the fack they want way to much money for their work 2 k for a peice without it surviving the test of time, also way out of my rang. Im located in the U.S. and im very wary of buying the tourist peice, but my eyes are still not trained for quality. Thank you for the advice
  6. seppuku


    Hi all looking for netsuke antique or modern art peices; also carved jewelry of netsuke or related items just dont want to break the bank thanks please PM
  7. seppuku

    Favourite school

    Hi Since I've now turned to Kiyomaro school I suppose grand tanto by one of Kiyomaro students. Of course it's worth the trip for me to see Mr. Hartman's display.
  8. Thank you very much Brian and Morita-San Donation made
  9. Why yes it is Nobuhide very nice work I just wanted to know what Tanobe-Sensei wrote and thought I would see if NMB would be able to help. then pay some of my doñation for the year.
  10. hi all I have a sayagaki recently done by Tanobe Sensei it's long. From what I was told he was impressed by the sword Link for photo bucket http://m637.photobucket.com/albums/sepp ... 0sayagaki/ There are 8 images total or 2 pages The first 2 pics are for reference Please PM me for more info or needed pics The pics I took are all in order just can't get them all in 1 Thank you in advanced Josh Of course a donation will be made to NMB
  11. Of coarse I can't just exclude other swordss like the 2nd generation Masahide i saw 2 years ago at SanFran show that sword was a monster. If that would pop up id snag it
  12. Hi Ken I decided to collect this school because of the qualities of the hada wild hamon and exaggerated shape. I had a tanto from this group and think it was one of the best I have owned.
  13. Decided to narrow the search of what I'm looking for Looking for a sword in the Kiyomaro school. student of, studeent of a student Please pm me Thanks
  14. seppuku

    why shinshinto

    Wondering what others members collect and why
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