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  1. Kazu-uchimono A mass produced blade of the Muromachi period, circa 16th century. Bill de
  2. Two diff. images and still looking to find which Seki smith made this. Any help appreciated. bdgrange
  3. Hope I can get my attachment to work. This is a mei I cannot read. Just traded for it at the Tai-kai. No stamps and signed on one side only. Gunome hamon muji hada, no faults. Your assistance in translation would be appreciated. Met the member from Dublin. Sorry forgot to write down your name. Kind of you to stop by my table. Did almost all transactions as trades. Thanks for your time. bdgrange
  4. Dear Richard No, no aroma. Know what you mean though. Probably pearls. The laquer applique is well done but aged. Best Bill de
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... K:MEWAX:IT
  6. Recent purchase on e bay What could be an inro by arrangement. A leather embosed bag with mon. 3/5 in and old as it is also somewhat stiff. A brass tsuba of hawk and sparrows. A chinese coin. two copper bands attached so as to keep the back open. All held together by a black cotton string that has been on this some time as well. This may for items to be used with perhaps a tanegashima, like shot. The seller thught it belonged on the end of a saya. This all cost me $26.00. Thanks for looking. Bill delagrange
  7. Very nice things,George. Thanks for posting this auction. Would be nice to know of others. I happen to live in the S.F. Bay area and can go there. The tsuba collection is fantastic. Wonder whos. Auctions tend to list and attract dealers mostly because of the values. The pricing attempts to meet wholesale price at the low end as well. Of course Greg Martin is very reputable. Used to be with Butterfields and was their armaments expert. He appears on t.v. usually displaying antique arms for the history channel. A pleasure to see such works. Thanks again Bill delagrange
  8. If you wish please check out my tsuba at auction June27 at Chait Gallery. There are included two Christian tsuba as illustrated by Fred Geyer. Known as Kirishitan Ikenie Tsuba. Called clockwork tsuba as well. An interesting subject by itself. Go to June 27 auction. Please see items 284 thru 292. This should work sorry about confusion. http://www.chait.com/ regards Bill delagrange
  9. Eric is also a very nice person. Good to see his success. Bill delagrange
  10. Nicely done and worth remembering. Bill delagrange
  11. Hello Barry No it is the Burlingame exit that you take off the freeway. I guess I can say that. I am only one of the many members of the NCJSC and wanted to be the first to tell everyone of this. Did not mean to steal your thunder Toryu and thanks for the work to put this together. Best to all for a good 2010. Bill delagrange
  12. On the bright side there is to be a nihon To-ken Hozon Kai in San Francisco. Aug. 20trh21st and 22nd, 2010. San Francisco Airport Marriott Milbrae, California. Yoshikawa Eiichi, polisher and curator of swords for the Imperioal Household agency........... will head a team of select appraisers from the NTHK Tokyo home ofice. Submission $100. certification $150. email request for registration packet to: nthk2010@toryu-mon.com Just received from the Northern Calif. newsletter. This should stir things up in the right manner and help us recover some momentum for the new year. Happy newyear Bill delagrange
  13. Very Chinese. Poor yasurime Poor horimono acid etched just quick observations. Bill de
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