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  1. I was going through my swords and forgot I had this sword brought back my a US Marine. Could I please get you help on the translation? Thank you again for help in advance. You all are great!
  2. Thanks everyone for your info. It has been very helpful. Can anyone tell me why this sword has two characters and most others by this smith have many more? Thank you
  3. Attached are the tang markings of a WWII era Katana I purchased today. I would appreciate if someone could translate it for me. If you have any info on the blade smith that would also be appreciated. I hope the pictures are adequate. My camera is not doing well. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I recently given this wood dog tag with a small grouping of US items and was wondering if any one can help me with the translation? If anyone knows what this tag is for, I would also appreciate your help. Thanks again for your help in advance.
  5. Hi, Could I please get some help with translation of the following blade inscriptions off a Type 44 sword? Thanks in advance for your help. Blademan
  6. Hello, I may have the opportunity to purchase a sword made by this smith. I would appreciate your help identifing the smith, aproximate date, and if a desirable maker. Thanks in advance, Blademan
  7. Thanks again for everyones help. As I say, not to knowledgeable in this topic and was hoping it would be easy to determine if Naamitsu himself made this sword. But is sounds like that is more difficult to do. Bruno did answer my original question and I appreciate it. I realized I may not be asking the right question. Any ideas as to a value of a Sword like this? Thanks, Kalvin
  8. Thanks again for any help here. I was luckly enough to find this sword at a garage sale the other day just steps from my house. I'm not sure I was clear enough with my original question. I have heard that swords with this maker's name could have been made by the smith himself or could have been made by his assistant and put his name on the sword. Can anyone help me determine if this sword was made by the smith or by his assistants who signed his name? If so, specificly how can you tell with this particular sword? I was luckly enough to find this sword at a garage sale the other day just steps from my house. Thanks again for your help, Kalvin
  9. Hello, I am new to this forum and to collecting these swords. Please excuse me if I do not know the correct vocabulary. Can anyone tell me if this sword was made by Ichihara Nagamitsu or one of his helpers? Thanks in advance for your help. Kalvin
  10. Mark, Thank you so much for your help. Kalvin
  11. Hi, I just picked this sword up and be very greatful for translation of this tang. Thank you, Kalvin
  12. Matt and Mark Thank you very much for your help. I must admit I missed the tang stamp. I'll try and get a closeup picture of it when I have access to the sword. I examined the blade this morning and noticed the blade does have a grain to it, which I was happy to see, and do believe it is hand made. I am pleased to own this sword and look forward to learnng more about these swords and picking up more of them. Can anyone tell me if these fingerprints on my blade can be removed? Lastly, could anyone give me some idea what a sword like this would be worth? I have no idea. Thanks again,
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