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  1. Selling a Wakizashi Tsuba depicting the symbol for Chapter 22 of the Tale of Genji. Measures 68.75x65.75MM Asking $80shipped in the U.S or Best Offer.
  2. Are you trying to imply that these are modern BaZZa? I do understand what you're describing though.
  3. Logan09

    Help on Tsuba?

    Thanks for the replies. And thanks George! I never would've guessed this.
  4. Any thoughts on these? Possible value if possible? Thanks.
  5. Logan09

    Help on Tsuba?

    Does anyone know what this is depicting? Looking to sale it but haven't a clue what the "structures" are. Thanks. Edit: Whoops, wrong section.
  6. I already stated there are people who have good reputation in the U.S who make Tsuka for people who practice with the sword. Obviously people are to afraid to comment on here with out getting reamed out by the "experts" on here. Sorry, but not everything on the Japanese sword requires special and extreme skill to make. Even the person who mastered the craft learned from someone, who learned from someone, who learned from someone that taught themselves from trial and error to do it themselves.
  7. Everyone knows you need to spend 10 years in Japan training under a master to be able to make a tsuka. Seriously, it's not that hard if you are a woodworker and take your time. Couple people(untrained) in the U.S make them for people who actually use their blades for cutting and they don't explode or damage anything. Some of the things on here make me roll my eyes. The Saya on the other hand is a different story and I won't comment on that.
  8. My understanding is the wood strips are used to get the final shape of the tsuka(and to true up the Ito to the Fuchi/kashira) and to prevent the nodes from catching on the Ray skin(preventing full stretching of the Ito)
  9. Yeah, it's obviously cast. What makes it fake?
  10. Is that Ware on/in the Hamon? Is it visible on the other side? I don't like the looks of that.
  11. My comment was more on katana throughout history. But that's a discussion for another time or not at all.
  12. The post says he had it in a white saya with leather scabbard but was dragging on the ground. I always thought the wood saya with leather cover was a cheaper option than the metal saya. Other note, this is why the "23.5 inch" rule for a katana always confused me. I have been seeing several gunto with what would be considered wakizashi blades mounted/used as katana. Pretty sure if a 5 foot tall Japanese man held a 24" blade tip down by their side they'd be digging a hole with the kissaki.
  13. That "kaigunto" tsuka looks like it has two mekugi ana. It also has a civilian fuchi. I am assuming it is pieced together(when and where is the question) Edit: how is that tsuka held on the katana(longer blade)
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