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  1. Compositionally, the F/K remind me a bit of this set: https://www.ebay.com/itm/IX-98-High-Grade-Rare-design-Fuchi-Kashira-set-YOSHIKAWA-NANPOU-sign-Edo/223613403371?hash=item341065c0eb:g:ylEAAOSwCTddSPp3
  2. Looks like the same hand to me. Not just in the mei, but in the aesthetics and workmanship as well.
  3. russbellon

    Sennin Kinko

    George, That one is gorgeous Thanks Bruno for the Shieh and for the additions to the story.
  4. russbellon

    Sennin Kinko

    So i saw this one and loved the whimsy. It reminds me a little of a drawing by Breugel. Anyway, i was curious so i researched the story behind this one. The story seems to go that Kinko (Qin Gao) was a Daoist sage (Sennin) who spent the first 200 years of his life painting fish. He had such respect for them that he would never harm or eat them. The Dragon lord of the river kingdom sent a giant fish to invite him to come and be his guest, so Kinko told his students he would return and rode the fish under the water into the river kingdom. He was a guest there for around a month and, upon returning meets the god(dess) Kannon, who gives him a scroll that teaches the Buddhist way of protecting all life. Anyone have any examples from this legend? I've only seen this one and it (and my wallet) is decidedly low-end.
  5. Not sure anyone else would agree but, to me, this one--with it's losses--seems to embody sabi at least. A little used up and forlorn, but i think the zougan losses are fortuitously aesthetic. If i were designing a tsuba i might do one with similar "white space" intentionally.
  6. Yes, i was thinking a sparse scattering of cherry blossom petals on a black silk background would add some interest and romance without distracting from the nioi-guchi we want to look at. And maybe lay off the bong hits until after you're finished.
  7. Robert, good eye! Yes it was a komonjo auction and i have seen some of his (charitably) mixed reviews here. The price was good, even for gimei. Jean, i never would have noticed the mei centering in the shinogi, thanks! is sekigane in nakago ana rare? John, i suspect you are correct.
  8. Hi all, long time lurker here. I've been more of a tosogu person, but just bought my first nihonto and could use a little help dating it and ascribing den. I've done a little research (after buying, instead of the right way round) and am pretty sure it's Bizen and probably late Muromachi? DUe to the two character mei, it may be kazuuchimono, but i don't have the experience to really assess that and can't find many examples online to compare. Apologies for my poor photos; i've included the set of auction photos as they're much better than mine. Anyway, here's my ignorant attempt at kantei. I would appreciate corrections from the experts here. Nagasa: 45.6 cm toshiisori: 1.3 cm Moto-haba: 2.8 cm Saki-haba: 1.8 cm Moto-gasane: 0.7 cm Saki-gasane: 0.5 cm Jihada: Itame with mokume Hamon: Nioi-deki. Hadori makes it look notare, but is more midare choji. Some yaki-kuzure and sunagashi. Boshi is notare Chu kissake with (average?) fukure and notare boshi that matches on both sides. Haagari nakago with sekigane in the ana and 2 character mei. Can't make out yasuri. Mei (2 character) "Norimitsu." I found a couple of other examples with similar hada and hamon signed Norimitsu, and a 3rd example (looks to be better quality) with a longer mei, but the nori and mitsu charaters look really close to mine. http://kako.nipponto.co.jp/swords2/KT214559.htm http://kako.nipponto.co.jp/swords/KT127655.htm https://tokka.biz/sword/norimitsu.html
  9. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing not just the art, but your process as well.
  10. Hi Mark, the casting is iron/steel (magnetic) and the color is just paint.
  11. I can vouch for the quality of the casting(s). I have one mounted on a Chinese Katana I use for Iai. Incidentally, the demon's hand does intrude on the seppa dai so i had to alter the seppa to fit it.
  12. Hi, I've learned a bit by lurking here and have begun a small collection of lower-end tosogu. This is my most recent purchase and my best guess for origin is Echizen or maybe Choshu or later Shoami? It is about 7.4 cm x 6.9 cm, the seppadai is roughly 4 mm thick. The patina is actually darker/greyer than shown in the scan. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. These are modern repros. Cast in one piece (including the sekigane!) and painted. I have seen them on Yahoo for awhile (and bought one for ~5000 Yen) and wondered when they would start showing up on ebay. They couldn't be mounted as the design goes well into the seppa dai.
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