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  1. Looking to sell this shinto katana. My asking price is $2700 USD and Im in no hurry to sell. It has NTHK papers and is signed Kishu Ju Sukekuni. The sword comes in shirasaya and is in good polish. Has been oiled and is well taken care of. Minor flaws are pictured. Will consider reasonable offers from US buyers. Also interested in trading for papered koto blades- wakizashi or katana. I would like cash on my end for the deal but show me what you have!
  2. Hey all, I have a late edo saya- it is gorgeous, however, the bottom is splintering and cracking as it is old. Is there a way to restore it? Or anyone that would be able to? (dont trust myself) One of my friends (who isn’t a nihonto enthusiast) suggested that I GLUE it. I gasped at the thought of it. Ha.
  3. Original Edo period samurai armor. Colored purple and blue details. This is guaranteed original armor. The set is complete and will include the armor box. Lacquer is chipping off (I have been collecting it) as well as strings starting to fall apart. This armor can be displayed as is or would be a great candidate for restoration. Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to submit offers. The kabuto is not part of the original set and was added by me. It displays well with the rest of the set. ** The kabuto (helmet) was sold separately and is no longer included in price of armor. please contact for better pictures. I will try and post a google drive link with more tomorrow. $1900 obo.
  4. Dropping price to $1300 USD. Sword needs to sell, feel free to make offers!
  5. Will attach additional pictures through a google drive link
  6. Kanenaga wakizashi with antique koshirae. Signed Bushu no Jyu Kanenaga. Edo period Genroku (1688-1704). Overall length is 71cm; cutting edge is 57.6cm; sori is 0.8cm. Hamon is suguha and ko-gunome. Jigane is itame-hada and masame-hada. Boshi is sugu-tarumi gokoro. There is kirikomi-kizu on cutting edge. Blade is in good condition with normal signs of wear and scratches and some minor chipping. Comes with cloth bag, NTHK papers. Koshirae is antique and in great shape, fits ok, recommend adding additional seppa to tighten the tsuba. Tsuka appears new and possibly not antique. $1600 obo.
  7. Sold! Tassel is still available. Lowering price to $200 USD obo
  8. Created a google drive with the pictures for those interested. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cYj1vllIP0oTqLhJ7iKBecOVVJ6ijC1j
  9. What is your email? I am still having trouble attaching here.
  10. I will try and post more here. Have sent some via email to those who requested. Note, this sword is still available!
  11. Per Japanese sword index he is rated Chu Saku. (Medium made). Not superior quality, but a decent blade nonetheless
  12. Please PM for additional pictures (unless anyone has any idea to get past the file size limit)
  13. WWII Gunto sword. In decent shape signed by Sato Yukihira. This sword comes from the Seki prefecture and was made in 1942(ish) - My guess, feel free to chime in. Comes with type 98 koshirae also in decent shape. Some corrosion and rust spots on the tsuba and seppa. Tassel is period original, but certainly not original to the sword. Please feel free to ask any questions. Asking $1600 but will consider offers and will sell the sword without the tassel for $1300 obo. 5-10% of this sale will be donated back to NMB
  14. Looking to buy minty antique or newer seppa. Also looking for 1500’s tsuba (late muromachi) or early edo 1600s tsuba. Show me what you’ve got!
  15. Anyone have any idea on how much a set like this would typically run for? Pics arent great, so I apologize. I am completely new to armor but want to have a cheaper/lower end set in my collection. Any dealers that specialize in antique armor either? Thanks all!
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