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  1. A sword was found, but am still interested in another. Doesn't need to be in shin gunto fittings but koshirae still preferred.
  2. Was just hoping to avoid any potential duty at the border. American / European sellers welcome.
  3. I will bring this back to top with increase to 2500 USD budget
  4. Ideal situation would be the seller is Canada and can complete transaction in CAD. Thank you
  5. Hello. Second post here. I am looking for an entry level Japanese sword. Maybe not realistic but was hoping entry level was around 1500 USD. Does this sword look any good compared to other guntos, could it be gendai? Does an army sword like this stand any chance of achieving Hozon if submitted? I have seen the page that refers to Kuriyama Kaneaki as a Gendai smith by can't tell if it is his kanji or an apprentices. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Japanese-WWll-Army-officers-sword-in-mountings-Kuriyama-Kaneaki-tassel/362619124194?hash=item546dc8b9e2:g:~RkAAOSw65Bcr-M2 Thank you
  6. Hello Canadian here. Not knew to antique swords but new to Japanese swords. Looking to expand my knowledge and collection. Cheers Kevin
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