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  1. Hi, anyone has a copy of "Samurai armour volume 2, by Trevor Absolon" to sell?
  2. Hi, members. Looking for a kabuto, not fancy but good! Such as a suji-bachi. Live in europe. Thanks Krister
  3. Thanks for your answer. I looked at Mino because I thought the hamon was a kind of Sanbon sugu. I will for sure search further along your thoughts. Any book/search succestions? Thanks Krister
  4. Hi, have a Wak which might have been used by a person working for the goverment, due to Koshirae. Blade is mumei with a very special Hamon. Anyone recognise region, potential smith/smiths? Was thinking about Mino due to Hamon but I am not that experienced in this thing. Blade lenght 31.3 cm Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Krister
  5. Hi, got a Kogai that I bought for my Wak ( see encl. pic) but was not aware that the wak did not had space for it!!! only Kozuka. Payed 350 €. Im in Sweden
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