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  1. Ken, Thanks for the reply! I am attempting to study and using this particular sword as an entry point. Let be more specific with my questions: 1) The attached portion of the NBTHK certificate says the school, correct? Or is it the name of the smith himself? 2) Is that a famous maker/school? Or at least one people have heard of before? I couldn't find anything about it online... but I believe it comes from Bizen in Okayama. 3) Does an NBTHK paper add significant value? Or is it quite easily for any old signed sword to be signed off on by 5 judges? 4) Finally... Condition and temper line appear good. No rust etc. I'm assuming this is not a well known maker, but it is 600 years old. Given those factors, what is a ball park price range for swords of this nature? Pricing seems like something that you can't study in a book and is best evaluated from the experience of others. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks again, Julian
  2. Hi, I'm a first time collector. Thinking about buying this as my first sword, but I really don't know much about it. I've attached pictures and documentation. Seller says it's signed by Norisuke of Bizen, early Muromachi period and comes with NTHK kanteisho certificate and antique koshirae. Price is $4,500 USD. Do you think it is authentic? How would you rate the condition from the pictures and is it a good deal / fair price? Thanks, Julian
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