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  1. Hi everybody, I present you the following file with the books for sale in my collection with the listed price attached to it. You can contact me via private message if you're interested in some of them. Have a nice week end. Bibliothèque Nihontô (livres papier) NMB.doc
  2. Thanks Markus for this excellent book (as usually) ! Xavier VW
  3. Don't worry, so we'll keep on touch just right here ! Have a nice day !
  4. Hello again Mike, I sent you a PM a few minutes ago. Greetings Xavier VW
  5. Hello again Mike, is this one still on sale ? Thanks Regards Xavier VW
  6. Hello Mike, that's really a great way to think for the future generations !! I really do appreciate this way of thinking ! By the way, which ones are still available ? Thanks for your answer. Xavier VW
  7. Glad to announce it's been sold to me !! I'm impatient to browse it... and improve my knowledge of nihontô ! Thanks Travis !
  8. Hello Thibault, welcome on NMB ! I'm french too, if you want to add me on FB, just send me a MP and I'll be glad to answer you quickly !! Xavier VW
  9. Hello to everyone here, I'm Xavier from France, I'm about 40 years old and begin with studying in a proper way the story of Nihonto. My passion is due to a personal and family story with a wakizashi that I'm trying to retrieve. I'm here thanks to the suggestion of a member of the board, Travis Clarke, and I feel that I'll do such great progress talking with you of this so special interest. I'm also a japanophile and begin to practice Iaido and to study Japanese. I'm at the moment waiting for my two first Nihonto purchased in auctions or on internet (thx Travis !!) and will soon post threads about them. I just apologize for my poor english but will be very glad to share with you my passion. Regards Xavier VW P.S. : excuse me Brian, I actually read about the signature but forgot it...
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