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  1. Thanks for the replies! Dave, what period would you place the menpo? Worth buying and relaquering to add to a kabuto I have?
  2. Hello, I was on vacation and stumbled upon this partial suit of armor. I don’t know much about armor as I only have a few pieces, but know this is real. The owner of the shop offered it to me for $1,300. What are your opinions on this armor? Is it worth the money to purchase and have relaced? Sorry ahead of time for only taking 2 pictures. Thank you for any insight.
  3. I don’t have a picture of the blade profile, but I do have a full nakago and jihada picture. It is a blade I am trying to acquire!
  4. Hi Peter, What is the length and height?
  5. Kazee21

    Kabuto Find

    Thank you Jean. I was just wondering if I paid too much. I do like the piece, and will keep it on display. I collect swords not armor, so that’s why I was trying to get a baseline for what I should spend that’s all. What I was going for was that was a good deal, or that was too much. That way, I would know how much to spend the next time I found another! Anyhow, no further comments needed! I will talk to the guys at the shows!
  6. Kazee21

    Kabuto Find

    That being said Jean, did I do okay?
  7. Kazee21

    Kabuto Find

    Did you not read what I wrote about emotion and blindly buying!? I have a sickness! Also because if I leave the items there, it could be gone when I think about it and return to purchase. Why not buy first get it in hand? The people I deal with let me return the items if I am not happy.
  8. Hello, This mei is from an old, very long tachi! Can anyone read the mei please? Thank you!
  9. Kazee21

    Kabuto Find

    Hello again everyone! Some of you read my mempo find, to which I was allowed to return. I picked up a kabuto and hambo instead. I don’t know if it is me chasing something I really want, or just emotion when I find these things and purchase blindly! Anyway, let me know what you guys think, and if paying $1,700 is absurd for this package! Thank you!
  10. Hello, I know what is says! Hi chu, not hizen I believe. Is it gimei or genuine?
  11. Kazee21

    Mempo Find

    Thanks Ian, I read your post on that! The seller is allowing me to return it!
  12. Kazee21

    Mempo Find

    To me, it looks like rawhide or some type of wood, as you can see from some lacquer loss. Here is a picture. It is on the lighter side however.
  13. Hello all! Stupidly, I sold all my reference materials prematurely. I know the translation, but can anyone match the mei to a known authentic Masahiro? Hopefully this is not gimei! Thank you in advance!
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