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  1. Hello, read an interesting article on the study of a KuniSada mei. The mei in question (figure #3 Left) looks very similar to the stroke pattern of mine......thoughts? Here is an excerpt from the article: One of the authors (DM) sent an oshigata and photographs of the mei to Mr. Tanobe Michihiro of the NBTHK . In his kind response, Tanobe explained that the mei is authentic and a jishin-mei of the shodai Kunisada. Jishin-mei is a term used to refer to a signature cut by the craftsman's own hand, rather than a mei cut for the master by his student or, daimei. The sword eventually received an NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper. Harvey
  2. Hello, I recently aquired this wakizashi, signed Izumi no Kami KuniSada, possibly 1st generation. The sword is definitely genuine, the mei looks good....but any thoughts as to whether it matches the sword. I believe the mei was originally 7 charachters, but two maybe lost when it was shortened. Harvey
  3. Could use some help on this translation, for this possible acquisition.....doesnt seem to jive with swordsmith index. Thoughts?? Thanks in advance! harvg
  4. As always, thanks so much! I have been looking at the mei of the different generations, and having the hardest time matching the Suke kanji. Closest I come is to 1st gen, but this overall mei seems much fainter. I would have to lean towards maybe gimei.....?? Harvey G
  5. I recently acquired this wakizashi from an online auction. The mei is faint (old)?. I believe I can make out "Daido" as the 3rd character....? Thanks in advance for any assistance! Harvey G
  6. Hi, recently aquired this Tsuba and was wondering if anyone agrees with the attribution of Higo Hayashi late Edo period? Unfortunately the NTKK paper certificate did not accompany the Tsuba, which im working on locating. DImensions are approx 72.9mm x 69.9mm x 6.2mm Thanks, and as always, any thoughts/opinions are greatly appreciated! Harvey G
  7. Thanks so much for the quick translation! I didn't realize I was bidding against a fellow member. I thought I recognized Fujiwara, but couldn't get the rest. Harvg
  8. Hi, not sure what this katana mei reads, but took a chance on acquiring because the sword looks nice and I really like the look of this signature. The tang is appropriately rusted, even though it doesn't appear so in this pic. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Harvg
  9. Well said Barry, and nice to see a familiar face at my first Shinsa! Thoroughly enjoyed the show, and got some good info. from Grey Doffin's seminar. Thanks to all who had a hand in pulling off a great event! Harvg
  10. Thanks Geraint...never too much info! I see some resemblances for sure. If I am interpreting the shinsa worksheet correctly.....Keiou could be Keio (1865), which is where I came up with KAN2673. Harvg
  11. I think I have found the smith as KAN2673. Thoughts?? Harvg
  12. Please excuse the autocorrect......Nakago....not Navaho. Lol Harvg
  13. Thanks Brian, it does beg the question if this blade was in polished with patinated Navaho....would it received a higher rating than 70? I haven't had time to research the attribution of KaneTsugu of late Edo period, so can't say how important of a smith he was? Everyday is a school day for me, especially in Nihonto! Harvg
  14. Hi Ken, apology not necessary, but humbly accepted....and good on ya for that. Cheers. Harvg
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