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  1. Ps. The problem with a museum is they want expert advice for nothing, no matter who the expert is !
  2. Paul Martin or Steve Smith would be better recomendations after Ford.
  3. Thank you, i have three Gendito Katana's atm, but am swopping one for two Tanto blades a bit older.
  4. . Thank you, found the avatars got one just like one of my Bonsai.
  5. Ok, will look in the help bit on sigs for having it at the page bottom Dave Hulme
  6. Hi, first post as a new member. Im using an android phone to try reading and posting, which is "fun" so apologies for all the errors i will make due to big fingers and small touch screen buttons. I am a member of The Northern To-Ken Society and am interested in Archaeology, History and much more I have been collecting Gendito's, Menuki, Tsuba and Seppa for a few years now.
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