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  1. Thank you all for the tips, I think I'm going to order a couple of the suggested books.
  2. @Travis Looks pretty interesting. Does it consist of only the Boston MFA collection? Since I already have a lot of high resolution pics of those.
  3. @Mariusz, review sounds interesting, thank you @Stephen, I have some Christie's catalogues and looking to buy some more, but most are offered second hand through amazon, but are not offered by amazon themselves, so shipping can not be combined.
  4. I have the Nagayama book among other "beginner" books like Yumoto. Does the Nakahara add something to those? Is there a tsuba equivelent for the Nagayama/Nakahara, I'm also interested in film/photo so a book with nice pictures would be oke too.
  5. I have to order something small trough amazon.co.uk and I was wondering if you guys have any tips on relative cheap nihonto or tsuba books to combine shipping with. Doesn't have to be a wealth of knowledge inside, some eye candy books are welcome too.
  6. Haven't seen this topic earlier and I realize it's an old one, but any chance this tsuba is for sale?
  7. Dank je, I will try to find those in my local paintshop, although they look pretty Japanese
  8. Lol, well the problem actually is that it is washed away pretty easily, so tell the misses not to worry
  9. Had my first go at drawing oshigata a couple of days ago. I used Art Graf Black Carbon (see pic) for the nakago and a number of different pencils for the rest of the sword. I thought the Art Graf Black Carbon worked reasonably well, but since I have no other expierence, I was wondering if there are better materials to use which are available in the West? I was not able to find black pine wax or someting remotely similar.
  10. Nice but difficult exercise, I came close on two of them using my limited knowledge and very limited resources, which makes me very satisfied. At least glad to see my answers weren't utter nonsense on all accounts . I tried to be the first to answer because in an earlier one of your quizzes I feld very biased based on the answers already given. Maybe next time you could use a poll type of structure or answers via PM, maybe that way you get some more participants too. It also suprised me a little bit to see that so little of the real veterans on this forum took a shot.
  11. I found it to be very difficult, so does everybody else apparently or they are all sleeping late But I feel like sticking my neck out today and as a novice I off course have little to lose. So here we go. I think nr 3 is the oldest and Awataguchi school next is nr 2 and Rai school then nr 4 Soshu school most recent nr 1 late muromachi Yamashiro or Yamato school If I have one right, I would be very satisfied...
  12. Thanks Brian and Alan, wasn't easy but acetone did the trick.
  13. Kunitaro san, I thought so to on first sight, but it appears to be soldered. Will try the acetone tonight...
  14. There is gold colored paint on these seppa and habaki. Looks bad, not original, can and should it be removed?
  15. Oke thanks for the correction, the sayagaki looked pretty poorly done so no suprises so far. The yari and the sayagaki looked very familar to me, maybe I saw it on a dealersite or ebay a while back.
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