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    All types of Japanese blades and other various antiques
  1. That's what he told me when i spoke to him too. Off topic but if you're ever in the Montreal area you should check out the exhibition on Samurai in Old Montreal. It's a personal collection of a professor, Richard Beliveau and it's quite something! here's the link: http://pacmusee.qc.ca/en/exhibitions/samurai-the-prestigious-collection-of-richard-beliveau
  2. Hi everyone, name is Denis Tremblay from Montreal Canada. New Collector of the are and New the the Nihonto Message board. Its nice to see so many people that no so much, I'm excited to read all your interesting posts. I'm sure we'll be in touch.... Merci beaucoup :D
  3. You're right, haven't seen his swords on other sites. He has a nice collection and I was thinking of meeting him in person to see one. Spoke to him on the phone once, nice guy. Not sure if I'll be able to afford it but definitely considering.
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