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  1. Thank you Mr. Hennick, found a copy, but for a lot more $. I have the CD.
  2. Chris, This seems too simple an answer, but perhaps that is all there is, such as there being no written relationship or lineage to follow. Thank you for the response. Larry
  3. Dr. Richard Stein ( http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/nihonto.htm ) mentions the following: "It has recently been established that there was a second generation ( nidai ) Minamoto Yoshichika. Examples of his work with the inscription at the top of the signature "Nidai" are rare. The oshigata at right reads Nidai (mekugi ana drilled through) Minamoto Yoshichika saku kore." I have a rather nice katana by this smith and I would like to know how it has been determined that Nidai Minamoto Yoshichka is a second generations smith. Dr. Stein's contact information seems rather unavailable to ask this question of him directly. Larry Young
  4. lyoung

    Sword Lineage

    And Thank You David, I wish they were one in the same persons. Larry
  5. lyoung

    Sword Lineage

    Yes, thank you Adam, that is what I was asking. I guess I did not get why the two were together and not placed as different smiths other than being seperated by a generation. I was attempting to map the lineage, but there is not way of knowing if these two were father-son. LY
  6. lyoung

    Sword Lineage

    Clarification on what is meant by "second generation" in regards to Minamoto Yoshichika and Nidai Minamoto Yoshichika as found on http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/nihonto.htm. Larry
  7. Here is an update to all that helped discuss this blade. I purchased the blade and it is currently in polish and fitting (since May of 2010) by two of the best in the U. S. A. & Canada. The blade turned out to be very desirable making my anxiety over the purchase worthwhile. In the year+ since aquiring the blade I have been researching the smith Nidai Minamoto Yoshichika. I found it a typcial characteristic that he pierced the first (top) kanji of his signature. I am grateful to the many folk who have assisted me with this sword and I look foreward to seeing many of them at the SF Token Kai in August 2011. Larry
  8. I am looking for a photo of the swordsmith Minamoto Yoshichika. Someone says he is pictured on page 255 of John Slough's book "Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868 - 1945" but fails to mention which person in the group photo. It seems a shame that though so much was documented regarding the Japanese Sword, there are few images whether drawn or photographed of these artists. It is further interesting that the author John Slough appears to be so hard to find and write to. It'd be great if anyone can offer help, direction, or comment here. Larry, Ventura, CA
  9. How does one identify a Koa Isshin Mantetsu Katana from others?
  10. Can anyone comment if a blade signed ( nidai ) Minamoto Yoshichika in good condition be worth $2000? It needs a polish.
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