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  1. Hello Rokujuro, I am not sure as my Dad asked in regards to that and I think the spelling is off. (What would MINO look be from?) We are trying to learn as much as we can about it and its history . Any additional info or links would be grateful !! James T
  2. Hello all and thank you again for the assistance with translation. The following are the best images I could get on the sword. The only history we could find on this sword is Wakizashi Blades that were attributed to Moroku Kangmotto Mumie The Mumie Tang is unsigned to the best of my knowledge. The sheathe has an interesting flake that appears green but in certain light is purple. Thanks for any additional thoughts and input !! Enjoy !
  3. Awesome Rokujuro ! I will get some pics posted soon and see what else we can figure out. Much appreciated !! James T
  4. Awesome !! Thank you all again so much for the additional info. I will take more pictures of the full sword and sheath as well. There is more inscriptions on them so hopefully that will help to show more background. Thank you very much Ray, Geraint and Moriyama !! I will post those soon. Is this something that should be sent for appraisal to Japan?
  5. Awesome ! Thank you Ray !! Is there any history on this? Much appreciated !!
  6. Hello to all, I am new to this and was hoping I could get some assistance with translation on this Kogatana/Kazuka. The ornamentation is really nice and I believe the first name on the swordsmith is Kiyo (but cant make out second) Thanks for all the assistance !!
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