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  1. Thank you Jace! That is reassuring my friend! Thank you Xiayang , there is also the second blade to consider .
  2. Thank you for your patience, here they are tip up. We do have a question though that maybe quite rudimentary yet I need to ask it. On one of the swords the pieces that form the guard ( sorry don't know the proper terminology) have a number 17 on them.I don't know if those are original, replacement parts or common or signify forgery. Okay now the pics, and gentlemen ,you have our gratitude, thank you.
  3. Sorry guys,tip upwards photos coming shortly.
  4. New photos coming fellas, thanks for your responses, photos in about an hour.
  5. Hello, I am new to your forum, thank you for the permission to post. I collect militaria so a friend came to me with his "Samurai Swords," and asked for help identifying and possibly authenticating them. ( and we will not be using any information gained from this forum without authorized permission) It is not my field whatsoever , and I heard that here I could find informed opinions and factual information . So Gentlemen and or Ladies ,I offer you these photos for any information you might have, and I thank you for sharing your valuable time and information. My photos are lousy at best, but if necessary I will update with clearer photos. Have at em'!
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