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  1. LuckyLuudje

    4 Tsuba's

    Here are my 4 Tsuba's. The 2 on top were on 2 (wich I believe) are modern swords that I bought for Iaido on a local auction. I have no idea if they are real or not, look pretty old to me. Are the casted? The 2 on the bottem are mounted on my Katana and Wakizashi that should be early EDO. Are these just common Tsuba's or is there maybe a special Tsuba between them?
  2. Tanks all for your help. And I have a lot of research to do. I finally had time to make some more pictures. It would be interesting to find out how old the Kabuto actually is. I hope the pictures are good enough
  3. Thanks for all your help, Looks like I already found more history behind the armour than expected. Next weekend when I have time again I need to try to get some order in all the information you all gave, so I can make a document for the future that it doesn't get lost after me. I am confused at all the names and weird translation. I just found out that the names are the other way around in Japan: "Yamato Takada, Kikkawa family denrai", does this mean it has been made in order for Yamato Takada of the Kikkawa clan? And the name changed into Yamato Joshigawa or do I misunderstand this? The date of manufactoring in the auction says Senguko period, it is a huge timeframe, could the Gusoko (I just learned what that means) tell us more specific about the date? And it looks to me that after the defeat in 1590, this Gusuko retired.
  4. Thanks, that is interesting! and didn't see that link. Don't onderstand why the seller didn't give me this information! Probably because my offer didn't give him any profit.
  5. Of course you can. Maybe it helps. I lost the link. I bought the Yoroi when I was there and. I liked it and made an offer, there was no story behind it at that time. I found out later after reasearching the name on the card he had put it up for auction on catawiki for a rediculous high price. The name was something like ......kawa from the Hojo clan. This made me curious of what I actually bought and try to find more information.
  6. The Catalogue was a surprise. After I bought the Yoroi, I was informed that it was displayed many times before near Osaka till about 25 years ago. So I was surpised when I got my hands on this catalogue to find out that this could be true. I also have a few cards around somewhere where the name and information is displayed what I think they displayed next to the Yoroi . I forgot the name is but am sure it is not a match with the 3 names that Uwe mentioned. I will see if I can find them next weekend. I do remember that the card mentioned the EDO period. If so, the part the person would have been there during the last Seige of Osaka can not be true. I have no idea whet the Catalogue says, but here is a picture of the front and back
  7. Thanks Uwe, I am only getting more and more confused by the Japanese terminology and the wonderful rabbit hole that we call armour collecting! And trying to find out some more with google translation. In the box I also found an old catalogue from a Japanese museum where it had been displayed. Maybe it helps
  8. Also thanks for the help, that is already more than I could find. I did find some Japanese characters on other parts of the Yoroi that could help to complete the covered area
  9. Thanks guys! So true that many sellers like to make a story to bump the value. So I am trying to find out if I find find more information if it could be true, but I only found out that this is a complete different world that that I am used to. I made a picture of the inside and also a picture of the complete Yoroi, but it is dark in the Hallway and I dont want to move it or mess with it too much. I looked under it around with a flashlight and my glasses but didn't see anything other that could give a clue.
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