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  1. Hello! I have another little book from Japan here. It also seems to be very old. Can anyone here say which book this is? It has about 170 pages. If more photos are needed then please let me know. Greetings Calimero
  2. Hello Kiipu! Thanks for the information regarding the age of the 3 book volumes! I'm sorry about the photos, but with me on the PC they are right around!? Greetings Calimero
  3. Hello Kiipu! Thank you for the link but I don't think I need it. I have other books of which I now assume that they are the two volumes 2 and 3 you mentioned. See photos. Can you confirm this? Can you tell how old these 3 original books are approximately? Unfortunately, I can not read and speak Japanese. Greetings Calimero
  4. Hello Brian! That was also only a guess from me! Sales catalogs or offer catalogs of blank weapon manufacturers or dealers in this kind gave it for example in the German language area very frequently. For example, the catalogs of the company Eickhorn or the company WKC. Greetings Calimero
  5. Hello Jussi! Thanks for the message. Is it a "Shuko Jisshu" a manufactur or a dealer? How old is this book? Greetings Calimero
  6. Hello PNSSHOGUN! Thank you very much for your kind reply. Maybe someone else can write something about it? What is "Tachi Mounts"? Greetings Calimero
  7. Hello Together! After a very long absence, I would like to turn to you once again with a question. I have here an old Japanese book of handmade paper that acts like a sales catalog of a dealer or a manufacturer of samurai swords and related accessories. Am I correct in my assumption? Unfortunately, the book is very poorly preserved! Greetings Calimero
  8. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello Barry! Thanks for your opinion. It's almost like you don't know where to start with this topic because it's so complex and you have to pay attention to unexpected things that an inexperienced person can never know. Without the help of you experienced collectors it can't work. As I said, by a lucky circumstance I got some tsuba that I wanted to have determined here in this forum one by one. But here there seems to be little interest to help because it is probably assumed that I only want to know the value of the tsuba to sell them then expensive. Of course I want to sell it, because it doesn't really fit into my field of interest, but of course I want to know something about it. Who helps me here anyway? Greetings Calimero
  9. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello Piers D! Thank you for your explanations. Then I can assume that the tsuba if not directly then at least from the environment of the master. Is that correct? Greetings Calimero
  10. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello! Can anyone confirm my assertion? Greetings Calimero
  11. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello Kyle! So this means that my 3rd tsuba (copper) is from the middle EDO period and was made by master 'Hamano Noriyuki'. Is that about correct? Greetings Calimero
  12. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello FlorianB! Thanks for your hint! I myself don't want to get into this topic so much because I have another very time consuming hobby. I just want to know the most important details to be able to better assess the tsuba. Greetings Calimero
  13. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello Piers! Thank you for your explanation. However, the technical terms sound to me like "Bohemian villages", as we say here in Germany! Greetings Calimero
  14. Calimero

    2 old Tsubas!

    Hello Kyle! Thanks for your assessment. It is with the manufacturers in Japan then also like with the blank gun manufacturers in Europe. The largest of them made only individual parts and then bought add-on parts from other dealers and made a complete blank gun from them. But the qualities are clearly different in favor of the Japanese manufacturers, which I have now clearly recognized. Now I would like to ask you to explain other tsuba to me. For this I present these two parts here. The number "3" is probably made of bronze and has the dimensions 70x64 x3.6 mm. I especially like the little dragon or devil that looks over the top of the rim. Are some of the details real gilding? Number "4" is a simple, very unadorned fabrication in steel. The dimensions are 72,5x9,5x3,3 mm. What do the holes and the small humped bumps represent? Greetings Calimero
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