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  1. Quick update: I decided to take a step back and purchase a less expensive first blade (online auction) to study it & learn from its characteristics. Attaching some pics as well as my interpretation: Width at the hamachi: 3.18 cm Width at the kissaki: 2.06 cm Sori: 1.91 cm (best as I can tell, the point of most curvature is closer to the center of the blade rather than the lower 1/3). Length of the blade: 71.43 cm Hamon: hako-midare and notare. Hada: I'm really struggling with this one. Would love to hear what everything thinks as well as if it's worth submitting to NBTHK. I'm thinking a shinto blade? Feels very similar to this Wakizashi, and according to this post, Iga-no-kamni Kinmichi made blades with Hako-midare hamon.
  2. As much as I hate to divert this thread from the illuminating topic of American Garden Gnomes.... And at the risk of returning to poor taste jokes about nuclear massacre... It looks there may be a kizu that was polished out (see inner blue circle for a circular indentation in the ha)? Another image taken earlier also shows a small circular shadow in the same location, this time without any white markings. If an expert would lend their insight and weigh in, I would be very appreciative. I would like to make a purchase decision on this blade later this week, and a flaw would (obviously) affect my thinking.
  3. Ahh Jean. I saw the post a while back about you selling this blade. If only I had been on the forums back then 😬😬😬 Absolutely stunning jigane. Great kissaki & boshi as well 🥺
  4. Thank you for listing these past sales, Jussi. Having insight into past data is tremendously helpful and makes me quite a bit more comfortable with this purchase (i.e., it appears the price is reasonable in the context of previous listings). One thing I found strange with the blade itself -- there appears to be white (temper?) markings on the Ha towards nakago? Does anyone know what these represent?
  5. Thank you for the insight, everyone! Brian -- are you referencing the `Wanted to Buy` (https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/forum/16-wanted-to-buy/) forum? Or some combination of the Dealer Showcase, Auctions and Online Sales or Sellers, and/or For Sale or Trade? I've spent the past two weeks shifting through and translating Japanese-based dealer websites, and would break through the "10-20k danger zone" for a signed and dated koto wakizashi, but have admittedly experienced a bit of difficulty in this search. Any referrals for particular stores, auctions, or dealers would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks Thomas! Always appreciate the help from another Californian (: Here's a link for the Morimitsu (also updating original post): https://ginzaseikodo.com/en/product/swords/morimitsu/
  7. I'm very new to Nihonto but have been trying to learn more by purchasing books, reading up on the art of the Japanese sword, its history, forms of creation, and preservation. In starting a collection (and buying my first blade), I've narrowed my focus to the Muromachi period, in particular, the early half of this era before the mass production of swords for use in the waring states period initiated by the Onin War in 1467. I've also focused in on purchasing a longer wakizashi or shorter katana given the highly constrained space in my current living environment (+ easier to keep in a limited-dimension, humidity regulated display case). I've identified two blades which have all of the characteristics I've been looking for: 1. Morimitsu wakizashi: (1,800,000 JPY) https://ginzaseikodo.com/en/product/swords/morimitsu/ 2. Yasumitsu Wakizashi: https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-yasumitsu/ (800,000 JPY) Both blades come with a koshirae, were made by oei bizen smiths (Morimitsu and Yasumitsu were supposedly even brothers), have NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon tokens, were signed, and have similar dimensions and looks. However, the one by Morimitsu costs 1,800,000 JPY while the one by Yasumitsu is 800,000 JPY. The hamon looks relatively similar to my untrained and inexperienced eye, although perhaps the hamon in the boshi of the Morimitsu is a little more vivid. The biggest difference difference to me, a highly inexperienced perspective, is the presence of a date on the former and the lack of a date on the latter. Is the presence of a date the reason the Morimitsu blade costs 1,000,000 JPY more than the one by Yasumitsu? What am I missing?
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