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  1. Grev, That is indeed my decision point.. I have none of the furniture (if that's the appropriate word) for it other than just the blade itself, so not sure what to do with regards to "restoring" it to its original state.. not even sure that's possible since these things are individualized. I thinking utilizing "some" of the more common metal bits to pay homage to the original maybe?
  2. Oh yes its a WWII blade... the cutting edge is 28" long (I used the measuring instructions from a website) and the tang is 8.5" 越後国貞六造之 ..........[貞六] Echiko (no) Kuni Sadaroku kore (wo) tsukuru [Seal: Sadaroku] This was made by Sadaroku of Echigo no Kuni 昭和十七年二月日 Showa 17th Year, A Day in February From Markus Sesko's Japanese Swordsmiths: SADAROKU ( 六), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Niigata – “Sadaroku” ( 六), “Echigo no Kuni-jū Imai Sadaroku saku” ( 後国住今井 六作), real name Imai Yaichi (今井弥一), he worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō and studied later under Amata Akitsugu (天田昭次), jōko no jōi (Akihide), Second Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展 会, 1941)
  3. All, Very new to this. I grabbed this this weekend for the cost of a good bottle of bourbon. I'm really a WWII firearms guy and restoration is verboten. . I need some advice. It has some rust areas, I need to know what to do with regards to this. Do I end it to someone to get polished (not a high polish as this was a military sword) if not how do I arrest the rust and should I have a handle and new scabbard? (yes I know not the correct terms, but I'll get there). Thanks in advance for the education!
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