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  1. Thank you all for letting me pick your brains. Such wonderful people with such knowledge they're willing to share, is so nice to find. Arigato Gozaimasu! (Thank You?) Karen
  2. My husband is the military collector, he doesn't want to know anything about computers. I'm the computer person. I have offered to gently teach him, but to no avail. My Grandfather enlisted in the Army during WWI, my Dad enlisted into the Army, April 1943, he was 19. Served as a Surgical Technician (with an 8th grade education!). Discharged December 27, 1945. Northern France and possibly Africa. He never talked about it, except when he would have a little too much to drink during the holidays. One story he told was when he had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, was walking through some trees and a sniper took a shot at him, he said his legs froze up and he just fell over, which probably saved him. He was able to crawl into some brush and hide out. My nephew enlisted after 9/11. We frequent local flea markets, garage sales, etc. My husband has built up quite a rapport with the regulars and they tend to save things for him. This is one of 2 swords he purchased from the same dealer, who is now deceased. He told us it belonged to his uncle, who had been murdered near the end of the war. That's all we know about it.
  3. 37-1/2" overall length. Grip/fittings look copper? Matching numbers. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all again, this has been quite an educating experience for us. I'm sure I will be bringing other treasures of this nature to be checked out by all of you informative members!
  5. Thanks all. Any conclusions?? A guess at a value?
  6. No file marks, no temper line, we have other swords with a temper line, so, I at least know what that is!
  7. It's really tight, I don't think I can get it. Any tips?
  8. Still here. I have to keep looking up all of these terms you all are using. We took it apart quite a few years back, and there were no markings. A little nervous about doing it again. I will post pic's if I get the nerve to do it again, just don't want to wreck it. Thank you all for sharing your invaluable knowledge with me, it is greatly appreciated!
  9. Blade is approx. 18" long. It is short. 3 untouched mums on the guard
  10. The Mum appears to be ground down on both sides and backstrap. I am including more pic's. Thanks.
  11. We are long time collectors, but novices when it comes to identifying an unmarked piece. We removed the handle, nothing there. Looked all around, up and down, still nothing. Blade is approx. 18" long. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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