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  1. Thank you Dave and Bruce.Very usefull info.
  2. Thank you for the information , its nice learning new terms.
  3. Thank you Oshy , so its basically a matter of technique also.
  4. I find it difficult to believe that wood can do that much , but ill take your word on it , i trust you
  5. Very usefull info , will keep it in mind. Thank you ray.
  6. Does anyone sharpen old samurai blades today? I think that will destroy the swords collectibility and value.
  7. One is the ww2 kai kunto you have seen here.The second one goes back years ago (i was a little kid) , it was love at first sight. My father (he is a collector also) says it was a Kanezane sword.I took the sword secretly and i hit a plastic action man toy i had with not the expected results i had as a kid (cut it cleanely) , then my target became the couch in the house , which the result was a cut on the couch but not deep enough.Having seen this two swords i had this question , how did the samurai cut down people with armour when i couldnt cut a plastic toy or make a deep cut throught the couch.Now , dont blame me , i was just a kid that wanted to play samurai , now i respect and honour the items i have in my possesion like a treasure.Thats my story and how i came to ask this question about the sharpness. Below is the result on the couch...
  8. I always clean it up if you are worried about rust.If there is any other reason not to touch it , please educate me. Thank you for the information.
  9. Hello , every katana i have held in my hand is not sharp (i pass my hand throught the blade and it isnt sharp at all). I stumbled upon a youtube video where they cut straws (tameshigiri i think it was called) and the katana seemed to do perfect in cutting perfomance.Is there anything wrong with all the katana i have held or is this how they are supposed to be? As always , thank you for the information.
  10. Hello Bruce , i would like to ask you what type is my kai gunto? Type 97 or type 98? Also do you know of a good website i can learn more about the different type of gunto swords? Thank you!
  11. Interesting...nice post , very educative.
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