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  1. Hello, The Kozuka handle insert was missing when I obtained it from my uncle. The mon can be duplicated, but I need a plain, finely punched nanako ground background it can be applied to. The attached photos show the type (quality) of the nanako I need, and the temporary replacement that is on the kozuka now. This is a long term search. Thank You, Mark
  2. Hello, I know this is a long shot, and I realize that this will be a long-term search, but here goes I own a fully mounted Wakizashi in formal, duty mounts. The mounts are: Mountings (KOSHIRAE): Semi Formal / Formal Finely punched nanako ground, raised gold Mon Signed: OMORI EIGEN (Omori School) on Kozuka and Fuchi Circa: 1790 - City of Edo I am able to purchase a polished Katana by the same smith, but it is unmounted and would need saya, tsuka and all koshirae. The mounts I need DO NOT HAVE TO BE OMORI. Just a similar quality nanako without decoration. I would also be open to any plain, black undecorated mounts that my mon can be added to. I am trying to obtain Koshirae with a similar, finely punched nanako ground. The mon and Menuki can be duplicated by my jeweler, but I am hoping to find undecorated, Edo period koshirae items to apply the mon to. The tsuba is simple, undecorated Plain Formal Shakadu alloy. If possible, I would prefer a tsuba WITHOUT an opening for a kozuka. But it isn't a deal breaker. You can PM me for information and higher resolution photos. Thank You, Mark
  3. This is my first post on the Nihonto message board. My question is simple, are there any eBay sellers that have a consistently good reputation? Everyone seems to have 99% or better positive feedback with an extensive sales record (300 + sales); but I can tell from a cursory glance that their offerings are fake. I am admittedly out of the loop on current eBay vendors. I am fairly well educated on the topic, (and eBay/Paypal has made the process a lot safer, but return shipping to Japan is expensive), There must be some sellers out there that have a consistent, positive reputation. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
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