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Mark S.

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In honor of the upcoming cicada invasion (labeled “cicadageddon” because both the 17 and 13 year broods are hatching at same time) in the Midwest, the fact that I am a certified arborist, and also the City Forester for a municipality in the Chicagoland area, I purchased the attached tsuba at the recent Chicago Sword Show and menuki off EBay. Collections are created for all different reasons…


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These are not too common! Interesting.


Somewhere I have a very old pair of iron 蝉 (semi) cicada menuki, with remains of zogan, but the features are largely rusted away. Will add them here if I can remember.

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 Two from a Swedish Museum site.  Formerly from Didrik Bildt Collection around 1914.

    The maru one Signed: Yoshisumi.   The other Signed: Miöchin [Myōchin] Kino Munesuke. The one on the right From a different Swedish museum. : Gift of the Friends of the National Museum to NM [Nationalmusei Vänner]1912, The item comes from Oscar Björck's private collection. Wrongly described as a Wasp.

cicada Sweden.jpg



i-img600x450-1708586894ofkxzx586010.jpg   Some menuki at a sale https://www.jauce.com/auction/p1125992196

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Last minute auction image
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