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Naminohira Sadaku Katana


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Mei (Signature): Naminohira Sadaku
Type: Katana
Period : late Muromachi
With BO-HI
Blade Length: 63.4 cm
Curvature (Sori): 0.9 cm
Width at the Kissaki: 39mm
Motohaba (Width at the base): 28.5mm
Motokasane (Thickness at the base): 7mm
Blade's Total Length: 81.4 cm
Total Sheath (Saya) Length: 89.5 cm
Blade Weight: 531g
Total Weight (including sheath): 872g

The ji-hada displays a beautifully crafted masame-hada, which resembles straight grain patterns. The steel's texture (jigane) has a refined quality


The hamon (temper pattern) reveals a straight pattern (suguha) with a wave (notare), which is subtly interspersed with small irregularities (ko-midare). The boshi (temper line in the tip or kissaki area) appears to be in a swept manner (hakikake) with a slight turn-back.


The nakago (tang) appears to be polished (mune is polished), with three mekugi-ana.

Price : SOLD

Send me a message if you want more pictures / videos


Naminohira Sadaku.png







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