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Current AOI shipping cost estimate for a Katana to the U.S.A.

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Hi All,

I'm sure this has probably been discussed but I was unable to search it and find recent information. I'm wondering approximately how much it costs to have AOI ship a Katana to the US? I have not purchased anything yet but I've seen some intriguing offerings. If anyone has recently purchased a sword from them can you give me some kind of shipping cost estimate? I don't expect exact information because I know every case will be different. But should I expect to pay $100-$300? $500+? I know there will be a wait. I also may end up purchasing from someone here who is a dealer. But AOI seems to have a pretty good selection in many price ranges. I know you get what you pay for as well. Especially from someone like AOI who knows what they have and what it's worth. But they make it pretty easy to get a good look at the sword and I assume their information is correct.

Please feel free to comment anything you've seen or heard. I have very limited knowledge.

Thanks in advance.



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AOI has usually very good blades and with the current exchange rate on the yen the prices are relatively good compared to stateside - that said the shipping is always a problem since EMS and some of the other couriers are not shipping from Japan to NA. I have no idea what the cost will be to ship but someone should be able to tell what the costs were in the past couple of months.

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Just email them and ask about your specific blade.  I just bought a yari from them.  When I asked about shipping, they said it was included in the price they quoted on line for that item.  They do respond.

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I recently purchased a Naginata from AOI and I was not charged a separate shipping fee.  I paid on Apr 29 and received it on Jun 15th.

I have purchased 5 items from them and they have always been pleasant to deal with.


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