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Interesting Matchlock Rifle

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Note the elaborate engraving on the sideplate, hammer, and trigger guard.  Having trouble translating the kanji on the underside of the barrel.  I can make out a few of the characters in the middle as maybe Kuni Tomo Maru, but that is it.  Please help with the translation.


Edward G




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Tsukurō and Kujūrō seem to be common ways to read 九十郎


This is one style of Kunitomo long gun that was popular in the Edo Period, with that decorative lock plate. The flat butt cut-off suggests there may be some connection with Tazuké Ryū school of gunnery, but the rest of the gun does not really support that. Someone else posted a similar one recently.
There must be a story behind these that needs investigating.

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