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Koto(?) mumei tanto…..help please.


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Hello again from the UK.

Please can I ask for your help on this one? It’s another typical UK piece that has “had a life”. A few running repairs eg to tsuka Ito etc but it’s quite a pretty little thing with its shakudo Omori style mounts and crane lacquered saya. As usual, not in polish but at least mostly visible. My feeling is Koto…..brutal suriage, hamachi lost through many polishes. Still elegant with fairly coarse o-hada, masses of ko nie and ji nie, full length suguha muneyaki also nie laden. Not much (visible) activity actually within the hamon which is still very healthy and nowhere near dropping off. The ji is very dark in colour.The images have been photoshopped to try and show the details.

Nagasa 22.5 cm (overall 31.5 cm)

motohaba 2.2 cm

motokasane 5.36mm (very slim)

nakago kasane 6.16mm at widest











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This is only a guess so I hope you will forgive any mistakes but the Mihaba seems wide, especially for a swords that’s lost it’s hamachi. There is also terminal curvature.


That makes me want to say it’s late muromachi or later https://www.google.com/amp/s/markussesko.com/2015/04/13/kantei-1-sugata-7/amp/

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