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Is it original ww2 tanto?

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there is no such thing as an "original WWII TANTO". What troops could it have been made for?

Instead, this is a non-Japanese weapon, made quite recently. The TSUKA-ITO is dead wrong (material and wrapping technique) as is the rest.

Sorry for you if you bought it!

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2 hours ago, Matsunoki said:

Don’t know……is that a faint hamon I see just above the habaki in 4th image?  Section of an old gunto repurposed/ tarted up?

It does appear to have been hardened.  Agree with John on this.  Seeing the nakago might give us important clues.

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5 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

It does appear to have been hardened.....


I don't think that would make it Japanese.

I have the impression that the MACHI of the blade are not on the same level, but to be sure, we would have to see the naked blade. 

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I agree with you Jean.  Unless it was, like John proposed as a possibility, that it was a broken or post-war cut blade used to make this after-market item.  Nothing else is right for a Japanese rig.  A view of the machi could prove useful, for sure.

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