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Sword books for sale: SBK 21 - SBK 25


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SBK 21.  SEKI KAJI NO KIGEN OSAGURU  “The Path of Origins of Seki Swordsmiths”

Seki Kaji Toso Chosakai         Committee for Study of Seki Kaji To       Heisei 7 (1995)  

Hardcover with dustcover, 301 glossy pages, 30 x 22 x 2.8 cm, text in Japanese. The book contains summaries and overviews, plus a collection of papers on separate aspects by different authors. It covers the development of Seki swordmaking, materials and smiths from the very beginning, including archeological findings and old records.  Contains maps, photos, charts.  Has translation of contents pages.    US$75.


SBK 22.  MINO-TOKO no KENKYU MUROMACHI   “Research of Mino Swordsmiths of Muromachi Period”.   Heisei 18 (2006).      Suzuki Takuya & Sugiura Yoshiyuki

Hardcover with dustcover, 377 glossy pages, 30 x 22 x 2.8 cm, text in Japanese.  A comprehensive coverage and explanation of swordsmiths of the Muromachi period, with schools, main lines of smiths, locations, examples of work and over 250 pages of oshigata. Tables of smiths and periods.  Has translation of contents pages.  US$85.


SBK 23.  WORKS OF KANSHIRO NISHIGAKI (Higo).  Ito Mitsuru.  2008.  plus translation.

Hardcover with hard slipcase, 30.5 x 22 x 3 cm, around 270  glossy pages,  with 285 items in quality colour photos.  Items mostly tsuba but also fuchi-kashira and covers the 4 generations of this school.  Text in Japanese.  This book is one of a set of three of the Higo schools and is a limited edition of 500.  This is a comprehensive and high quality book which comes with the softbound English translation by Markus Sesko,  Kanshiro Nishigaki (2008) 68 pages.  The Japanese book is in as new condition.    The pair of books  US$225.


SBK 24.  TO-KEN KANTEI DOKUHON.   Nakayama Kokan    plus 1992 translation.                                        SOLD

This is the original Japanese book plus the English translation.  Nagayama book first published Showa 54 (1979) this is 1994 revision:  hardcover with slipcase, 20 x 14 cm, 383 pages, text in Japanese with many figures. Very good condition. These books later became “The Connoisseur’s Book of Japanese Swords” published in 1997.  The English translation is by Kenji Mishina and published in 1992 by Token Society of Great Britain. It is softcover, spiral bound, same size, in English without figures. Good condition, some pencil notes.   Both books as a set US$40.


SBK 25. Two Books:  (A) MEIBUTSU – Token Taikai ’79  & (B) BEAUTY OF SHINSAKUTO.

The two books are US$45.

A: Meibutsu: Japanese swords and sword fittings in American collections.  Token Taikai 1979. Softcover, 68 glossy pages of swords and fittings (17 pages of tsuba), text in English with good details, clear B&W photos. There are  full size fold out oshigata in book, and 4 foldouts with multiple oshigata in rear envelope.  There is a lot of information in this book.  Very good condition, cover is loose.

B:  The Beauty of Shinsakuto by Onishi Bijutsu Token (1993).  This is an attractive catalogue for the 1993 exhibition of these 28 swords by 26 tosho.  Large size 36 x 25.5 cm, glossy pages with quality B&W photos of swords and smiths in Japanese and names in English.  In a cardboard mail pack.  The softcover translation is a booklet 29.5 x 20 cm and 36 pages with details of the smith and each sword. Sword sales prices are indicated.  Includes a Living National Treasure and Mukansa smiths.  Catalogue in excellent condition.  A coffee table piece.


Books in Australia;  book price + airmail + Ppal.  Thanks.

















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SBK 22.  MINO-TOKO no KENKYU MUROMACHI   “Research of Mino Swordsmiths of Muromachi Period”.  Suzuki Takuya & Sugiura Yoshiyuki  has been SOLD.  Thank you.  

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