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Help with a Mei, Please

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40 minutes ago, Bugyotsuji said:

Might be related

Seems to be the guy, thanks Piers!  I cannot read those papers, do they say an estimated year?

13 minutes ago, ROKUJURO said:

TSUBA photo is upside down, but could be NOBUYOSHI.

Thanks Jean!  I've re-oriented the pic, here.  I'm completely ignorant of tsuba artisans.  Any idea if he is of any regard?  Also, the tsuba seems really plain.  Why would a guy want to sign something so unremarkable?  Sorry for all the questions!



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signing an undecorated TSUBA has probably more to do with good metal, work quality, and craftman's pride, not with value.

Unfortunately, I cannot help with the maker. There are a number of famous NOBUYOSHI, but they worked in different styles.

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Quoting Swordsmiths by Markus



NAGASHIGE (永繁), Bunkyū (文久, 1861-1864), Ōshū – “Sendai-jū Hakuryūshi Fujiwara Nagashige” (仙台住 白龍子永繁), gō Hakuryūshi (白龍子)


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