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I come from Poland. I don't speak English. The following text has been translated by a translator and my possible answers may be delayed.
Three years ago I managed to acquire a Japanese sword.
I bought it in Illinois, USA on eBay. It was virtually blind purchase.
Blade completely rusty, all details invisible. Except for the Ha area. There were slight differences in the color of corrosion.
Even in this condition, it looked elegant and proportionate. All too good. I thought it was probably not a Chinese product. Before the grinding, it weighed 1 kg.
After the grinding, I did not weigh it. The weight outweighs to the front.

I was mainly guided by the length and curvature. The signature only added the mystery. Either you hit the bull's eye or you fail.
I took into account all the consequences, including the financial ones.
Before renovation, I expected everything. The sword is a great mystery to me, but also a surprise.

It took almost 3 years to complete the renovation.
The grinder was ordered by the man who later did the saya. The polishing of the sword was divided into stages.
After the sword was polished, a lot of details emerged. Therefore, I am curious about your opinion. First of all, Nakago Mei consists of one character. Perhaps two, very close to each other.
My questions are as follows. What may be the performance period and who made it?

Of course, I am aware that it may not be possible or only vaguely to establish this. After three years of searching, I can guess when the sword was made, and over a very long period of time.
I was considering the style of Soshu or Yamato. Possibly late Edo. That would be an optimistic option. Eventually the beginning of the 20th century. GiMei or DaiMei?
I don't know if I can attach photos, but the full gallery is here



A total of over 300 photos. Not all of them turned out well, but in general they give some insight into the details.
The description of the sword parameters is in the album.






Koshirae was completed separately. Saya has been redone.


Regards and thank you for your help.

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