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Salty WW2 Katana

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Hello all,


I saw this listing for sale this am locally... the seller has it listed as a WW2 Naval sword. The hardware doesn’t resemble a Japanese naval sword, maybe type 94? Or, due to the lack of markings on the fittings... Not Japanese?


The sword has seen better days, but I’m curious as to what type sword  it is.The tsuba is also a bit different. The seller has this sword and another (type 98) for sale (Which is in much better condition). The listing says both swords are bring backs by a family member from WW2.


Sorry, I just saw the listing this am and I know everybody will ask about the tang. I already sent a message to the seller asking if removing the handle is a possibility to photograph the nakago. As I said, this katana is in very poor condition and blade looks badly scratched, suspension rings are missing, wrapping on tsuka missing, etc...


The asking price on this piece is quite high at $500.00... the type 98 asking is $1200








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Hi Brian... thanks for the response. It was just listed yesterday... he’s about 30 minutes from me.


Pardon my ignorance... but what is the giveaway that it’s a tachi? I thought that they were very elaborate? 

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Hmm.....that does look terrible. Nakago is going to have to be the deciding factor. Even the minimal fittings that are there are worth $200 or so...
Tsuka was stripped of the typical tachi fittings/menuki. No signs it had a wrap would be my guess. Blade may be an issue...may even be a steel tsunagi. But easily decided when you look in hand or get more pics.

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Thank you all... yes, the blade is JACKED! If it’s the original blade. Very good possibility the blade isn’t original since everything was removed from tsuka. I will definitely post more pics when I get them. 



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Here’s pics of the blade... much better than what I saw in the initial photo. Seller told me he won’t remove the handle due to the age of the blade... I’m heading to see him shortly





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Yes,,, he just wrote back and said he sent the wrong pics. You’re correct Brian it’s the gunto...  here’s the pics of the Tachi...  not great pics. Looks like a replica blade as stated above.







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I don’t know if this is worth pursuing or not... as everyone here knows... the nakago will tell the story. Sounds like the seller won’t remove the tsuka. I assume the fittings and saya have value... but the question would be how much is it worth? 


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