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Is this a fake nco sword? Thanks

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I have a chance to buy a Japanese NCO sword from a friend of an antique dealer in Taiwan. I took some photos. I noticed that there is some minor rust under the paint leading me to believe the sword has not been intentionally “aged” with fake patina. I am a novice and would love to have some guidance. 










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i don't recommend removing the handle of an NCO sword. there is nothing on the nakago that will help and too much chance of damaging the sword.


the handle looks like it is brass. if so the only NCO swords i know with brass handles are post war copies

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There are some things:

1. The dot of the blossom is not sharp outlined.

2. The small path should be highlined

3. The ito binding is wrong. That should be carved.

4. The Tsuka had no sharp lines. The small heighted Tip must be more sharp.

5 The clipper musst be flat and sharp lined




There are some more. Like the screwhead that is to big.

Brass handles are not common for Type95. I never heard about a brass handled Type95. The stamps didn't look good (but - i learned that the stamps are not a true indicator for the authenticity) 

Overall its a replica and not a real one.

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I agree with all the points made so far.  It's alarming that the fakers are attempting Suya Shoten blades.  Yet, on the other hand, we're lucky as Suya produced quality work and will be hard for fakers to match.


A couple more points - the saya throat appears to be one-piece with the saya; the inspector stamp, upon enlargement, seems to be a "Na" of Nagoya, which is totally bogus, if so.


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Concur with the above and can add that these came from China some time back.  I can spot these based upon the ferrule inspection mark which is in the shape of an undefined blob!

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