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Japanese Long Bow

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First glance, right side “京都” (Kyōto)!

Will have a second view later on…


…left side starts with “塗字“. Not sure about the last kanji, so I spared it out. Hope somebody more knowledgeable chimes in!

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I don't know if its the maker's name. The 塗 above the name (塗 = paint) makes me think its the person that lacquered it, or somehow was involved in the finishing of it. But it's the first time for me to see this kind of marking, so I'm not sure what it means. 


The only thing for certain is the location of Kyōto. 

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Not a match, but these two old yumi were made by Shibata, the plain lacquer yumi is, i believe, dated 1937, the last kanji on my yumi makes me wonder if there may be a tie in for yours.

the 21st generation Shibata Kanjuro and his son are making yumi in Kyoto. He is well known in Kyudo circles and holds workshops for those interested in making yumi.


chris colman




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14 hours ago, SteveM said:

The last two are a name in cursive (grass) script.

Maybe 家知 (Ietomo).


bow name.JPG


Might be 宗十郎 (宗十ろう) – Sojuro.

After reading the previous post by Chris, I think I can read the last character.

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