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14th-century samurai sword found in car at Swiss border

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What we know from BZAG

- Seller was from Stuttgart

- Sword was made 1353

- worth 698.408,00 USD


+ 56.289,60 USD vAT

+ 833.920,00 USD penalty order (for the Swiss businessman)

+ 6.567,12 USD for the smuggler


New worth of the sword:

USD 1.595.184,72 :laughing:








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According to my information, the import turnover tax on collectibles, art and cultural goods as defined by the Swiss turnover tax law is a tiny 2.5%.


Also funny: Customs experts emphasize that it is a cultural good. Here in Germany, lawsuits are underway against the levying of the full VAT rate on the import of such objects. Swords, armor and kodogu are not recognized as collectibles and cultural property in these cases, and the reduced tax rate is denied.


But if customs catches someone as in this case. then of course it is a cultural property.:glee:


However. If the value is really correct, the swordsmith would have to be in the first league...


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Hahaha, the puzzling of the members here is already funny. If the value and the time are correct, that leaves essentially 
 Soshu-Den / Masamune student remains.

But the pronounced Sori is not really Nanbokucho typical and is more reminiscent of Kamakura II or III. A Yamashiro Rai blade would be quite nice! :glee:

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Having your daughter for one, but next to that something (presumably less than but still), so valuable I'm my car would make me really uneasy. Couldn't the good man simple got some anxiety induced amnesia when he was given the form?:thumbsup:





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28 minutes ago, Gakusee said:



Good guess, Okan. How did you do it ;)?




 Had to go through works of the disciples of Masamune. Lucky I guess :)




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Western news sites are all calling it a katana, which it is of course, but none mention that it is more properly a Tachi.


(This news with NMB Hiromitsu update is now doing the rounds within sword circles in Japan.)


As it appears in Fujishiro



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On 6/1/2022 at 12:12 PM, Okan said:







So, slight subject change, but as a rank amateur, is that the kind of art one is looking for when studying Nihonto?


I think that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in metal.

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