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Sword Book Sale: SBK 11 - SBK 15


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W.M. Hawley.           1976                                                                                    US15.

Softcover, 27.5 x 21.5 cm, 64 pages.  A book of oshigata from a sword appraisers records around 1550. Swordsmith names are in English in the index, plus the reference number to Hawley’s large swordsmith compilation.  Reasonable condition, cover a bit worn   Oshigata of around 127 swords with clear mei.


SBK 12  HIZUKE NO HON       Malcolm and Sueko Cox        2006                    US$15.                                          SOLD............but more available

This book is designed to assist reading Japanese dates on swords.  It is soft cover, 29 x 20.5 cm, and 75 pages in length. It is a compilation of how dates are read and different systems, glossary of types of signature (mei), list of nengo with kanji, map of provinces, and explanation of the zodiac date system. The book contains tables listing dates from 1000 to 2010, with nengo, western year, zodiac and other cycles.  Various ways of writing dates are summarised. Now upgraded to include Reiwa era, and up to 2028.  Includes highlights of Japanese (sword) history. There are 26 full page oshigata of examples from 1186 to 1943, with mei and dates in Romaji and kanji, and explanations. Book is unused.   Buy with another book for $10.


SBK 13   TWO EXHIBITION BOOKS: Omamori (tanto) & Gotoh Museum Swords             Two books US$35.

A: Court and Samurai in an Age of Transition (exhibition at Gotoh Museum, Tokyo). By Japan Society, 1990. Soft cover, glossy pages, 29.5 x 22.5 cm, 127 pages, English text, description of period, background and all items.  Full page B&W photos of 22 swords with full descriptions. Very good condition.

B: Omamori To Tenran Kai (exhibition by Zen Nippon Tosho Kai), 2007.  Soft cover glossy booklet, 29.5 x 21 cm, 40 pages, beautiful colour photos of blades and koshirae of tanto and smaller omamori-to. Japanese text but easy to follow captions. Excellent condition.


SBK 14. Enishi: Katanakaji Horii Ke Hyaku Go Ju Nen no Rekishi.   (“History of 150 Years of Horii Family”)  HORII Tanetsugu (son of Toshihide)    (1996)           US$40.      SOLD

Hard cover with slip cover, 27 x 19 cm, 359 pages, text in Japanese, numerous photos of work and family plus sketches of sword features.  Card in book signed by author (Kin Tei Horii Tanetsugu  "with compliments").  Horii family covers: Taneaki (grandfather), Hidetoshi (father), Nobuhide (older brother), Tanetsugu (author).  As new except pencil notes on 2 pages.


SBK 15.  NIPPON TO SEKI SHICHI RYU (Seven Styles of Seki Swords”)    YAMADA Aoi       1970        (Chuou Token Kai)         US$75.

Hardcover with slipcase, 27 x 19.5 cm,  339 pages, this is a summary of the key toshi of the main Seki schools.  In Japanese, there are 210 pages of oshigata with Japanese script, tosho names are easy to see. Each smith is later described in Japanese text. Plus 13 pages of clear B&W photos of mei of the key swordsmiths. Also shows “family” trees. Authors stamp in rear. A very hard to find book, in excellent condition.


Books sent from Australia.  Thanks, Mal.











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