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Facebook fraud

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Just want to give a heads up that there is a scammer operating in the Facebook groups. Trying to sell gunto mounted blades such a purported Yasuoki, asking for payment in bitcoin (to the recipient name: Metrine Mwoshi), inability to prove ownership and sending poorly done fake identification. Hope everyone will be careful, and err on the side of caution. 






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A collector reached out to notify me of another scammer operating in the groups, and it appears to be the same individual. @Brian you'll recall the post a couple of days ago by Eden Gerald on a Kato Masakuni. This appears to be a newly created fake account set up shortly after the Devon Williams account was shut down. I was told of the same tricks: requesting payment by unprotect methods, sending out fake tracking numbers, etc. Be careful out there guys.

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 9.54.50 PM.jpg

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Man, in the online knife collecting circles, we get this stuff almost daily. But looks like it's spreading into the more specialized fields.
Watch out guys. ONLY use PP Goods and Services, not F&F. Just pay the fees.
With strangers, at last ask the person for a pic of the item lying on a piece of paper with your name and date on it. And always be wary. Thanks Ray.

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Agreed that is the best approach Brian. I have also suggested having the seller show a photo of their current drivers license next to the nakago of the sword.


Here is another member's post below. The new email the scammer was using is ndolo@aol.com.



Hi guys,

Just to warn you. Some scammers recently tried to crook me on this group. He was Eden Gerald. Fake name of course.

The main point is the scammer send you a link to a fake USPS website with a fake tracking number that only work on this fake website. Hence you think you are following your parcel in transit. But nothing has been shipped. It can fool you quite easily.

Since the parcel has been "shipped" to you, the scammer push you to pay him quickly using bank transfert or Paypal family and friends only. 

Please see screen shot attached of the fake USPS website. The mistake is the "double pp" in "exppress" in the searsh bar.

Hope that help."


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