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I've had this tsuba a number of years, it came off a tanto but didn't look right on the blade, too small. Looking at it in more detail now I was trying to determine the school and Kamakura-bori came to mind but I would appreciate members help and opinions please? I think the hitsu-ana may have been added at a later date.


It seems to have what could be a layer of lacquer? on the surface.



Uchikaeshi mimi
H: 57mm
W: 47mm
Mimi: 3.65mm
Seppa dai: 3.35mm
Nakago-ana: 27mm x 7.5mm




Many thanks.

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Hi Dale,


Thanks for the response, you've hit the nail on the head!


There are a couple of pieces of ten-zogan on the tsuba. One at 9 o'clock in the first image and another at 10 in the second. Wasn't sure about these at first but now makes sense.


Thanks again.

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Colin, you are right - but the dot inlay is difficult to see [that's my excuse anyway :)] I wonder if there was more inlay that has fallen out over time? It is pretty common on older pieces. By the way two of the examples I sent are mine - they may be 'low grade' but I think they are honest and I rather like them.

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