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My Humble Chicago Show Purchases

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I looked at it MANY times and walked away many times (just to give me time to decide).  Too many things to look at, then I start to calculate how many purchases I can make, then if I get this I can’t get that.  It really is the best kind of torture.  I missed out on a couple tsuba I was interested in because I waited, but such is life.  It was a great show and there was more I wanted than I could afford ALWAYS!

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WOW😲 congratulations. Sounds like it was a great show especially for you. Everything you showed us is beautiful and I would be proud to be the caretaker. Again congratulations and thank you for sharing   


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The Chicago show always has some gems.  I picked up a few things that I like a lot.  An Ishiguro FK (signed and papered), Satsuma Kozuka, Goto kozuka and Murakami FK.


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