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Samurai guns

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Colt revolving rifle/shotgun is probably on most gun collector's Grail list. And now you go link one to the Japanese hobby.
Sooooo much want! That is a dream piece.
They estimate $125K....I bet it goes higher.  This is also a lovely piece: https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/85/1264/japanese-matchlock-pistol

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Thanks for the link. They are really building up that sale but it is admittedly a very rare gun.

The other day I saw this gun in Japan but there are no markings on it anywhere, although I found a number 3 stamped on the ramrod knife. It is illustrated in Sawada Taira’s book ‘Nihon no Furujū’.

Double barrelled percussion shotgun with Damascene barrels. There is a small opening metal shell lid in the side of the butt for percussion caps I guess. The guy said he paid quite a sum for it. Anyone recognize this?







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Here is my Enfield rifle M1858 Navy If I remember right. It has Japanese round up markings and lovely cloud inlays on the barrel. They where fitted with eighter the yagathan bayonet or, more rarely, the fearsome cutlass. This one is fitted with the cutlass but you see both versions in my picture.




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The four revolvers from top down;


1. Made in Japan. Mixed influences from more than one brand. Japanese registration

2. Colt M/1851 Navy. Made in US and exported to Japan. Japanese registration

3. Colt M/1851 Navy. Made in Japan probably under a Colt Brevete licens. Japanese registration

4. Copy of Colt M/1848 pocket. Made in Japan, series number 1!!, I think it's a very early Japanese made revolver. 



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