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Robust Shinshinto


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Something robust !
Katana signed Fujiwara  Kunishige - dated 1861  77.5 cm
NBTHK Hozon 
A very hefty sword. It's been said that Samurai who carried extra long swords at this time were mostly rebels who supported the Emperor. Those that supported the Bakufu tended to carry swords that were shorter and more resembled Shinto swords perhaps to allude to a time when the Bakufu was in control.







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Your sword is gorgeous, it looks very powerful with its long kissaki.


Are you alluding to a kinnoto in your description ? I remembered (from Aoi Arts pictures) that kinnoto had an extra long nakago (among other things) that I can't see on your sword so I checked Markus' encyclopedia of Japanese swords and I don't think your sword qualifies as one: the nagasa should be at least 80 cms and the nakago is too short (once you've seen a kinnoto nakago, you just can't forget it).  



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There was a long discussion of this on this site in 2020. I have seen Bakamatsu swords that are longer than usual with a flatter sori referred to as Kinnoto style. I don't think sword smiths adhered to specific dimensions and have never seen a origami designating as sword as Kinnoto. Just like Satsuma rebellion sword fittings are called such because they were lower quality and put together , often with plain pieces of metal in place of menuki. There are no specific designation of Satsuma rebellion fittings. 

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