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Hamano Noriyuki Kozuka - Fukurojuro


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Very pleased to be able to share this with the board. 


If you read my posts it's clear I am fond of Hamano school works. 


The master Shozui founded the school, and it's easy to see the Nara school influence in his art, but he added to that. Large themes were usual for him. To his students he passed along his bold designs and fine detail with accent work that grabs the eye and attention. Once grabbed, you come to see themes, use of space, and subtle details that are beauty.


He had great students, Noriyuki being one of, if not the best. Validated Noriyuki works are rare to see but always a fun study. Noriyuki himself was a master metal artist with vision.


Thanks to our own member here Ed of Yakiba.com I had an opportunity to add a Noriyuki work to my collection. Thanks Ed! Highly recommend.


This work is of the God Fukurojuro, or sometimes seen as Jurojin (or are they one and the same....).


"Fukurokuju is usually portrayed as bald with long whiskers and an elongated forehead.[1] He is said to be an incarnation of the Southern Polestar. The sacred book tied to his staff either contains the lifespan of every person on earth or a magical scripture. He is accompanied by a crane and a turtle, which are considered to be symbols of longevity. He is also sometimes accompanied by a black deer (ancient legends say a deer turns black if it is over 2000 years old)."


As this piece is unsigned, it is attributed to 'Den Noriyuki' as Noriyuki I and his son, Noriyuki II, are so close in styles and execution it's hard to parse them.


In any case, Noriyuki I student Naoyuki is one of my favorite fittings makers, and so I include a picture of the two works together at end.







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