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Pictures, just because ... no agenda.

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Just finished some maintenence on saya covers and blades, given our recently extreme humidity here in coastal New South Wales ( thats OZ

not South Wales UK 😉)


Happy with my work, love this small group of my lot. 


Thought I would take a picture (and share view 🙂) before I turned the lights out tonight.  95's, nihonto, showato....no discrimination....love em all!


As I said, no agenda ....just sharing a nice view.



PS....Stephen @Stephencan you pick the Hiromasa?








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So agree Bruce.


But that is a random 'maintenance' snapshot.


Initially, I just wanted one 95 ... but I read, I listened, and my first purchase turned out to be a not inexpensive Koto (mumie) in 98 mounts from the UK (good credentials, tks Bill Tagg.).



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Ah, the six monthly maintenance regime. I can't say I particularly enjoy it, myself. It is useful though, when I pick up a sword, wonder why I have it and then remember/discover what made it unique.


And Rob, it always starts with "just wanted one". 

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The Hiromasa is third from the left. @Stephen .  A couple of sellers pics attached. I was able to pick it up due to the generosity of an astute sword mate over here.  Beautifully made, solid sword with the heaviest metal saya (and cover) I have ever held.







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Yes, great covers thanks John.


The seki Kai (Okada KANEYOSHI) was owned by an Ensign Maehara 14th Base Force (at least, accordingy to the surrender tag). Great pacakage on face value but unfortunately, the same has all but dissappeared in mid to lower sections of the saya and the blade has not been treated well, post war.  Another loved orphan 😊


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