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Swords with names


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Samurai sometimes named their swords , the most interesting name I have seen was "the nasty lady" ! 

Here are 3 I have:

1. Koto Katana attribution to Shimada Hirosuke 72.4 cm . Name given "Sasa no Tsuyu" cuts like dew falling from a Bamboo leaf.

2. Koto Katana attribution to Bizen Den circa 1500. 75.3 cm it's also a Tameshigiri but the sword is named "Shikainami" it means the waves of the 4 seas , it references a line in the No play Takasago regarding harmony.

3. Katana signed Kashu ju Fujiwara Nagatsugu 63.9 cm sayagaki by Sato Kanzan.

Sword is named "kago Tsurube" it means a woven bamboo basket - it implies it cuts as easily as water running out of a woven bamboo basket.












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Basil Robinson, formerly of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London had a sword named Sasa no tsuya he acquired during the surrender of Japanese forces.

Ian Bottomley


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13 minutes ago, b.hennick said:

I had a Shodai Hizen Kunihiro that had on the ura the character Yoshi. So the sword was "lucky".

Hey Barry, I bought Wak from you many moons ago at the SF sword show, full horse them koshirae. Has a dragon painted on the Saya. Paid American Cash. You told me it was your sisters. 

You looked the same as in your photo. I guess you found the fountain of youth. :) 

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On 4/8/2022 at 4:25 PM, Ray Singer said:

Sasa-no-tsuyu seems to have been a popular name. I have seen several others, going back to one with that name I handled at a 1996 Christies auction viewing.

kago Tsurube is a popular name, too. I have seen two swords named kago Tsurube

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Hello Bruce,

Yes they are both from the same cutter, Yamada Kanjūrō Yasuhisa.


The first name, "Yasuhisa", is the name he used early in his career. He changed his name several times. The name he used in the latter part of his career is "Hisahide". 



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